Member Advantages

Member Advantages

The City of Brillion is committed to providing opportunities for smart economic growth and has the resources to aide your business in making a successful transition into our community.  Brillion has invested in a utility infrastructure that will allow significant growth without requiring expensive public projects thus allowing the tax rate to remain stable.

If you would like to find out more about locating a business in Brillion please contact the Brillion Area Chamber of Commerce at:


The Brillion Chamber of Commerce provides several opportunities for advertising recognition – print, radio, sponsorships, and more!  Contact the Chamber today for information on how you can take advantage of our advertising opportunities.


The Brillion Chamber of Commerce provides several opportunities for the members to network and have their voices heard through monthly board meetings.  Members are also invited to take part in the following networking opportunities:

  • Annual Golf Outing – Play a round of golf with your fellow members or be a sponsor at this fun event!
  • Business After Five – Each quarter a Brillion Chamber member has the opportunity to spotlight their business with this social event. Sponsorship is provided by the chamber.
  • Fall Banquet – Enjoy an evening with the members of the Brillion Chamber.
  • Lunch and Learn – Host a one-hour learning session where you can provide a learning opportunity for members.  Lunch is included in this sponsorship as well!

Business Improvement Recognition

The Brillion Chamber of Commerce provides services in helping members improve Eye Appeal and other Business Improvement aspects.

City of Brillion Involvement

The Brillion Chamber of Commerce actively works with the City of Brillion on issues in the areas of Business Development and Marketing.  We dedicate our time in taking part in special events that will put the Brillion area businesses in a positive light.

Chamber Bucks

Chamber Bucks not only provide support for current member businesses, but they also offer an advantage to those members who purchase them. One Chamber Buck is equivalent to $1.00 USD, but with a Chamber membership you can purchase these for 10% off of their face value.  Once purchased, Chamber Bucks can be redeemed at any Chamber member business at face value.


The Brillion Chamber of Commerce provides timely communication to all members through its newsletter – emails, website, and informative board meetings.

Group Health Insurance

The Brillion Chamber of Commerce provides all members the opportunity to take advantage of group health insurance discounts. For more information on the Chamber’s health insurance plan please contact the Chamber, found on the Contact Us page.

TIF Support, Room Tax, and Education

The Brillion Area Chamber of Commerce provides information and education on the TIF process and fundamentals.  Along with the education of TIF funding, the Chamber is also involved with the City of Brillion’s downtown TIF district initiative to Keep Downtown Brillion Downtown.  Additionally, our chamber worked with the City of Brillion to determine a reasonable room tax proposal.