Fall Fest


Fall Fest and Pumpkin walk
2016 Brillion Fall Fest
– This year’s Brillion Fall Fest date is Saturday, October 15th 2016 from 5:00 – 8:30 PM.
– The Pumpkin walk takes place from 6:30pm – 9:00pm at the Brillion Nature Center.
– Westlund Busses shuttle will pick people up from Downtown and take them to the Pumpkin Walk, then shuttle them back.
– Businesses can decorate light poles or if a business chooses not to decorate, a community club can decorate a pole. Light poles will be assigned by the RDA and individuals must work with the business for decoration plans.
– The winning display would gain a monetary prize for their work.
– Decorations go up the week of the event and must be taken down by the weekend after Halloween.
– Police will assist with crossing guard.
– Have individuals from the Community vote for the best display the night of the event.
– Businesses are encouraged to stay open the night of the event.
– A flyer with advertisements for the local businesses will be distributed the night of the event to individuals who ride the busses.
– Have an information table set up at the Nature Center with a description of what is going on with flyers of Downtown promotions as well.
– Flyers will be handed out at bus pick up station and as people get off the busses.
– Advertisements can be placed along Main Street by Calumet County Bank and Main Street Square.
– Advertise with the BNC, City of Brillion, and local paper about the shuttle system.
– There is a $25.00 charge to advertise in the flyer for the event to offset printing costs.
2016 Brillion Fall Fest Decoration Contest!!

Attention Service organizations, charity groups, school clubs, business, and church groups.

Sign up for the Fall Fest Light Pole Decorating Contest for a chance to win big Chamber Bucks!

How it works:
– Contact City Hall to select one of the 16 downtown light poles to decorate. (920) 756-2250
– Light poles will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.
– You can decorate the poles starting Friday, October 9th.
– Voting will take place on Saturday October 15th from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. during the Fall Fest promotional event.
– It is encouraged to leave your displays up until October 31st then take them down.
– The winning display will receive a $100.00 Chamber Bucks gift card to be redeemed at most Chamber Businesses.
Rules for the decorating contest.

1. Make sure you work with the business you are decorating in front of as not to obstruct the business doors or interfere with advertising efforts of their business.
2. Only coated wire may be used.
3. No Displays higher than the street signs.
4. Family oriented; no beer or liquor signs.
5. Cannot obstruct the crosswalk or obstruct street parking spaces, must allow enough space for passenger to exit a car.
6. Cannot obstruct the sidewalk for people to pass by.
7. Failure to follow these rules may result in failure to participate in future Fall Fest Pole Decoration Contests.

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