Business After Five

Business After Five

The Business After Five event is to encourage businesses to learn more about each other’s business. It is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their company or organization.

Upcoming Business After Five events:


When are the Business After Five events?

Events are quarterly so that the Chamber has events periodically throughout the year. Typically, the events are held in January, April and July.

Who hosts the events?

Events are scheduled by a first come, first serve basis. Companies/organizations are eligible to host an event once.

NOTE: Businesses may be considered to host more than once as long as it is recognizing an improvement or major mile stone. A Chamber Board of Director will introduce the representative from the company whom will give a brief (typically 5-10 minutes) presentation. The company may choose to do a tour or demonstration if applicable.

How long do the events last?

The event is typically held from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Who pays for the Business After Five events?

Companies who host a Business After Five event is eligible for up to $250.00 of reimbursed expenses. The hosts pay for the event and then the receipts are submitted to the event Chair and she submits it to the Chamber Secretary/Treasurer for reimbursement. A check is mailed directly to the company. This reimbursement is limited to only time only.

How is the event advertised?

The organization is required to compile the invitation and submit it to the Chamber Secretary/Treasurer whom will distribute it via email to all Chamber members.

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